Heritage Renaissance Enterprise

The main objectives of our enterprise are:

  • Remind Arab Americans of the their roots and heritage.
  • Promote original Arabian hand-made crafts.
  • Enhance the social and economic well being of Arab handcrafters (especially women working at home) through marketing their crafts in the USA.
  • Encourage friendship and understanding of the Arab heritage and culture of Roots Artisana.
Roots Artisana is a division of the Heritage Renaissance enterprise that is concerned with the marketing of traditional Arabian hand-made crafts covering a wide range of products:
  • Hand-made embroidered with beautifully inventive and distinctive designs such as:
    • Traditional dresses, Cushion wall hangers, Runners, Greeting cards, Pictures frames, Coasters, Mirrors, Shawls, Wallets, Handbags, and Jewelry boxes.

  • Collections of paintings created by leading Jordanian and Arab artists.
  • Traditional hand-made, genuine wool Bedouin rugs, carpets, wall hangers, and runners.
In the near future, additional high quality hand-made ceramics, olive wood, mosaics and mother of pearl will be available.